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Master of Laws in International Law (LL.M.int) - 2010


FALL TERM (April - June 2010)

I. International Law and Globalization

  1. Great topics of the Contemporary International Law:
    1. The philosophic and economic approaches
    2. Major challenges in the twenty-first century
  2. Introduction to contemporary international law:
    1. Nature, structure, sources
    2. Bases of jurisdiction in the International Law
  3. The changing role of subjects of international law: issues relating to State sovereignty and the role of individuals and international organizations.
  4. The settlement of disputes in contemporary international law: new issues.

II. New issues and prospects in the field of Contemporary International Law: the international economic law, protection of the environment and the individual.

  1. The emerging of International Economic Law.
  2. Protection of the global environment: interaction of individuals, the State and international organizations.
  3. Rights and obligations of the individuals under International Law.

III. International trade and new regulation: from the WTO to Free Trade Agreements.

  1. Development of law governing international trade under main GATT/WTO rules.
  2. Increase of competition in international trade: antidumping, subsidies and other issues raised by the WTO.

IV. The methodology of research.

Fall Workshops

Workshop 1: Introduction to German Law.

Workshop 2: State responsibility under International Law.


WINTER TERM (July - September 2010)

I. International trade and new regulation: from the WTO to Free Trade Agreements (continuation)

  1. SPS, TBT, TRIPS and ATC under the WTO: issues concerning substantive law and the settlement of disputes.
  2. The Settlement of Trade Disputes Under the WTO: Panels, Appellate Review and Implementation of Decisions.
  3. The Chilean experience in the System of Dispute Settlement under the WTO.
  4. Trade in Services: WTO, FTA, etc.
  5. Government procurement.
  6. Regional economic integration as a mechanism for regulating international trade:
    1. The EU/EC as an advanced model.
    2. The experience of economic integration in Latin America: MERCOSUR, Andean Community, Central American Community, Caribbean Community.
  7. The system of Free Trade Agreements.
    1. The Association Agreement between Chile and the European Union: free trade and comprehensive cooperation.
    2. The Free Trade Agreement between Chile and the United States.
    3. New issues relating to trade and the environment.

II. Intellectual property

  1. Intellectual property: issues concerning international regulation.
  2. Intellectual Property and national legislation: the need to update.


SPRING TERM (September - December 2010)

I. The regime of international investments

  1. Diplomatic Protection and its evolution in the light of new needs of international investments.
  2. The protection of international investments under International Law, bilateral Investment Treaties, legislation and contracts: substantive treatment.
  3. The treatment of investments under the Chilean legislation, the BITís and the Chile-U. S. Free Trade Agreement.
  4. Investments and trade.

II. International arbitration systems in the field of investments.

  1. ICSID
    1. Case Studies
  2. NAFTA and Free Trade Agreements
    1. Jurisdictional aspects
    2. Procedural aspects
    3. Substantive issues

III. Commercial arbitration

  1. International Commercial Arbitration: new problems.
  2. Commercial arbitration under the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce: an introduction.
  3. Other International Commercial Arbitration Rules: AAA, LCIA, UNCITRAL, Chilean Law of International Commercial Arbitration.

Spring Workshops

Workshop III: General principles of international contracts.

Workshop IV: Evaluation of research methodology in connection with the thesis.



In the course of this term, students shall participate in the following workshops:

Workshop V: The individual and the State in contemporary Europe: issues in international and community law.

Workshop VI: Managing the international society under the rule of law: new challenges for international law.


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