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The Heidelberg Center offers an extensive range of courses, mainly at the Phd and Master level. The Center offers also further education seminars, diplomados, german language courses and conferences.



Santander International Summer School "Reaching the Limits of the Sky"

International Symposium: Life as a Planetary Phenomenon

Doctorado en Astrofísica

Santiago-Heidelberg Doctoral Exchange Fellowship

International Law

Máster en Derecho Internacional (LL.M.) - Inversiones, Comercio y Arbitraje - 2021


Máster en Geociencias: Governance of Risk and Resources (M.Sc.)

Medial Informatics

Magíster en Informática Médica


Doctorado Internacional en Psicoterapia

German Language Courses

German Language Courses: 1st Trimester 2020


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